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Tennis Court Contractors specialise in applying acrylic paint for tennis sport surfaces. We only offer a quality service at a great price.

Acrylic paint for sports surfacing in Kent is becoming more and more popular and with more people now playing tennis, it is important to ensure that the tennis court surfaces meet the recommended accreditations and specifications of the SAPCA, LTA and ITF. A sprayed non-slip painted sports court surface meets the required anti-slip rating a sports court has to meet is TRRL 55.


All our paints give tennis surfaces the required non-skid rating making them LTA, SAPCA and ITF compatible. Non-slip paint is sprayed on a variety of different surfaces including:

  • Porous Macadam MUGAs – Used for tennis hockey, football, netball and other multi-use games areas.

  • Tarmac Tennis Courts - Specifically designed to meet the specifications of LTA, SAPCA and ITF.

  • Permeable Asphalt Court – Anti-slip coating in two-tone colours.

  • SuDS Compliant Bitmac Surfacing – Acrylic spray-coat non-slip coloured coating.

  • Open Textured Macadam Tennis Surfaces – 6mm aggregate wearing course with spray-coat paint.

What is Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is a type of colour coating which may be used for a number of different surfaces. Anti-slip paints are fast-drying, making it perfect for facilities which need to be used regularly.

This type of colour coat can be sprayed onto sports courts with surfaces like macadam - enhancing both the look and play of the court, as well as improving the slip resistance and making the facility a lot safer for the players.

The anti-slip coating has permeable qualities which allows water to drain through easily. This is great for sports courts closest to you, as the facility can be utilised all year round no matter what the weather conditions are like.

With so many different options to choose from in terms of colour, you are able to completely personalise your facility. For more information on acrylic paints click here or please fill in the contact form and we will offer you additional details on costs and colours available. 

Water-Based Paint for Sports Surfaces

When applying water-based paint to sports surfaces in Kent ME14 3 it is important that you have the right tools and equipment available, to get the best results. We want to ensure every facility is completely satisfied with the results, which is why we offer a great service at a great rate. Always use a professional to carry out this role as this can provide the best finish.

Let us know if you would like to find out more information by filling out the contact form provided. 

Acrylic Coating for Tennis Courts

The use of non-slip acrylic water-based paint on a sports court can not only ensure that the surface meets the necessary International Tennis Federation certifications and is suitable for various different types of play.

There are many schools, colleges, universities, sports clubs and leisure centres in the country that believe that an acrylic coating is just for decorative purposes and although they do look fantastic when completed this is not the full story.

For local clubs in Kent ME14 3 that are looking for professional quality surfacing, we can also install artificial clay facilities which has all the performance qualities of real clay but with much fewer maintenance requirements.

For more information - 

Please feel free to contact us about these surface types for your tennis court.

The water-based coating protects the local tennis surface, meets the recommended slip rating and ensured that the surface lasts as long as possible.

The different coloured paint finishes available can also be used to differentiate more easily between different sports in multi-use games areas which contain more than just a sports surface. Make sure you fill in our contact form if you would like to find out more about the costs for paint applications in your surrounding area.

Sports Surface Water Based Paints in Kent

Non slip specialist water-based coloured coatings onto netball surfaces and their surrounding area have a higher slip resistance to meet the playing characteristics with a TRRL SR75 needing to be met. The water-based painted specification is installed onto an open-graded porous asphalt surfacing MUGA and sport court and this needs to be carried out by a nearby specialist professional spray-coat contractor.


Tennis courts being recoloured or repainted in water-based paints usually require a pressure wash and cleaning before the new spraying is applied.

The spraying of the non-slip coating is carried out by specialist contractors with an airless sprayer in two directions with endless colours available for the courts but most common being two-tone green, two-tone blue, red with line markings to suit the sports.

Our specialist installers closest to you in Kent ME14 3 have completed many court colour spraying projects  so you can be sure you'll get a great quality finish.

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