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Tennis Court Contractors are experts in constructing sports facilities in Clatterford End CM5 9 and we are able to alter specifications / dimensions to ensure you get the right sports facility to suit your individual needs.

Tennis Court dimensions can be altered during construction to meet your requirements.

They can be installed to varied sizes and measurements due to the run-off space allowed for the players to the fence or barrier however the dimension / size of the sports line marking is always constant at 10.97 width x 23.77m length.

For a single tennis facility closest to you, here are the recommended dimensions for the construction of the facility:

  • Sports Line Marking Dimension – 10.97m x 23.77m

  • Domestic Dimension inc Runoff – 16.5m x 33.5m

  • LTA Minimum Court Dimensions inc Runoff – 17.07m x 34.77m

  • LTA Championship Court Dimensions inc Runoff – 18.29m x 36.57m


Tennis Facility Court Size

When planning to build a new sports area then the design and specification of measurements and dimensions will be outlined which will change depending on budgets, cost restraints or physically the size restraints onsite.

Some projects might only have space for an 18m x 36m, so although it doesn’t meet the championship size it is more than the minimum recommended that is set out by the governing bodies from LTA, ITF and SAPCA.

As well as the construction of new sports courts in Clatterford End CM5 9 we may also complete a tennis court repair process to get rid of any damage to existing surfaces and bring back their performance qualities.

Please make sure you contact our team by filling in the form on this page with details of your project. We will gladly send you some further details on prices for construction and maintenance of nearby sports facilities.

Dimensions of a Tennis Court 

Our expert installers in Clatterford End CM5 9 are able to alter specifications which allows you to get the dimensions to suit you.

There is no set size of a tennis court as we can produce both small and larger sports surfaces.

The prices of the courts will vary depending upon the dimensions and features you choose to add.

We want all our customers to be completely satisfied with the end results which is why we work with you to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Let us know if you would like to learn more regarding the dimensions of a tennis court or to speak to one of our skilled professionals. 

What is the Standard Size of a Tennis Court?

The standard size of a tennis court are dependent on what the facility will be used for.

For domestic or school courts, the general measurements are around 16.5m x 33.5m, whereas professional courts would generally need to be slightly larger.

Although there are standard sizes for sports courts, we are able to alter the sizes to meet your individual needs and requirements.

If you've got a limited spending budget, we can reduce the sizes of your facility in order to meet your financial needs.

Additionally, we may install double and triple courts if necessary.

Our local contractors may also increase the measurements of your sports facility if you're planning to play multiple sports in the area.

If you wish to speak to one of our experts regarding sizes, as well as maintenance and colour spraying  please fill in our contact form.

Size of Tennis Courts Near Me in Clatterford End

The dimensions outlined above are different simply due to the fact of runoff allowance and the domestic court measurements are normally the dimensions used and constructed for private courts in gardens or schools where the facility is just for recreational use.

The sports courts can be specified and designed to smaller dimensions / sizes if space is limited.


The sizes of tennis courts will not differ for the various types of surfaces so whether the specification of the surfacing is porous macadam surfaces, polymeric rubber flooring or synthetic turf surfacing then the measurements and dimension to the sports pitches will remain constant.

If you're looking to renovate your sports surface in Clatterford End CM5 9 with a new flooring type we may do this, however, a simple tennis surface cleaning process can often restore the playing qualities you need.

If you require any further information on the measurements and dimensions of sport courts in your surrounding area, for upgrading an existing facility and details on how to make the best out of your court, please do not hesitate to fill in our contact form and we will be happy to assist.

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If you are interested in having a sports facility constructed, please get in touch with our team and we can guide you on the best measurements for your area.

We can vary the tennis court dimensions in Clatterford End CM5 9 so please do not hesitate to contact us regarding a quote for a particular sized sporting area.

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