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Tennis Court Contractors specialise in the installation of air domes to sports facilities.

As experts we use the best quality products and equipment to ensure you get the results.

Many outdoor sports facilities can become unusable during the winter months as wet weather and snow affect the performance and safety qualities of surfaces like courts and football pitches; the installation of tennis court air domes in Fermanagh BT93 1 can combat this problem, making your sports facility accessible and available for use all year round.

These temporary air-supported sports halls enable you to turn a muddy outdoor sports court into an indoor facility which can be utilised by a school or club in even the harshest winter weather.

If you are interested in having an inflatable air-dome installed for your tennis facility, please make sure you get in touch with us by filling in the contact form. We'll talk you through all of the options and the costs for installing these sports structures at your location.


What is a Sports Court Air Dome?

A sports court air dome is a bubble-like structure made of translucent polythene material which is secured to a concrete base with a network of wire ropes. Air is then pumped into the plastic dome by specialised fans and the sports air dome can remain inflated throughout normal operating times.

Tennis facility air domes can be designed in different sizes and dimensions to suit the area size of your existing sports facility, ensuring that you get the best inflatable sports structure to fit with your requirements.

As specialist tennis court installers we can set up these air-dome structures in Fermanagh BT93 1 for you to ensure everything goes smoothly. 

There is no need to use extra lighting with an inflatable air-supported dome as natural light can easily pass through the membrane during the daytime to allow training and matches to continue just like an outdoor sports facility closest to you.

Standard external floodlights can be used to transfer light into the air-domes, but internal lighting should not be used as they could damage the surface of the air dome.

Inflatable Tennis Dome in Fermanagh

The typical life expectancy of air domes for sporting courts is around 6-7 years, but it is often recommended to replace the structure approximately every 5 years to ensure safety and to take into account any possible damage or wear and tear to the polythene membrane.

Specialist sport facility air-domes may be installed at a range of schools, clubs and other organisations in the UK and can turn an unusable recreational area into a multi-use versatile facility which may be utilised for training and competitive matches throughout the year without being affected by poor weather.

By installing a specialist air-dome in Fermanagh you can also reduce the need for sports court repairs as the surface will be protected from heavy rain and weathering which sometimes cause damage.


How to Install an Air Dome Near Me

If you are looking at how to install an air-dome, it is best to get an expert to carry out the works for the best results. Our local contractors follow a plan when setting up the air domes:

  1. Use wire ropes to secure the air-dome to a concrete base

  2. Inflate the air-dome using specialist fans

Since we use specialised equipment, we can carry out the installation process quickly and easily and install a long-lasting air-dome for you to enjoy sports in.

Air domes for Tennis Courts Near Me

Many nearby organisations choose to have air domes for tennis courts, but other outdoor sports facilities such as football pitches and swimming pools can also benefit from these versatile inflatable sports domes.

The weather-resistant covering improves efficiency by allowing a sports surface to be used to its full potential all year round.

Although it is possible to leave air-domes up throughout the whole year, most organisations choose to take them down during the summer months as the inside can become very hot and may not be ideal for playing sport.


To discuss an enquiry for one of these inflatable sport bubbles in your surrounding area, please use our contact form and tell us as much as you can about your requirements.

We will be able to offer you a good value quotation which is flexible to fit within a budget and includes all of the necessary equipment you need.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about any of our sporting products and services including recolouring and other maintenance options.

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