Repainting Tennis Courts Surfaces in Little Whitehouse

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Repainting tennis courts surfaces in Little Whitehouse PO30 4 is carried out to existing worn surfaces in order to enhance the appearance and anti slip properties which is set out by governing bodies LTA, SAPCA and ITF.

The repainting system is usually sprayed and painted to rundown worn existing courts by a specialist contractor or builder and for this reason a waterbase court binder coat is usually applied to strengthen the existing surface and prolong the life of the tennis court and its non slip qualities.


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What is Tennis Court Repainting?

Tennis court repainting is the process of painting over an existing sports facility to restore the original qualities and improve the overall appearance of your tennis court.

The tennis court repainting is carried out to polymeric courts in a polyurethane moisture cure paint and is known as a flash coat because many polyurethane colour coatings are painted and sprayed onto a black EPDM rubber crumb surface. This makes certain that when the paint starts to wear down then the black rubber will start to show through highlighting the need to repaint the sports surface to keep the slip resistance properties within the national governing bodies LTA, ITF, SAPCA specification.

We'll also apply new tennis lines to ensure that the flooring has the best playing qualities.

Sports courts surface re-painting on open textured porous macadam can also be carried out in a polyurethane colour coating paint specification however the majority of the tennis courts in Little Whitehouse PO30 4 are painted in an acrylic water-based painted system which is perfect to the tarmac surfaces.

The aggregate rich colour coating court paint needs to be installed in the correct weather conditions when it is dry and not windy.

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Existing Worn Tennis Court Flash Coat Repaint

The painted anit slip finish will become worn and in need of a flash coat, every few years and a pressure wash clean is always completed prior to the court painting visit. The pressure wash cleaning is to remove all contamination so that the newly installed colour coating material can bond to the surfacing. This will help keep the non slip properties and enhance the appearance of the court. 

Contamination can come from near my trees and other vegetation and can become a perfect habitat for moss and algae to grow. If left on the sports surface this moss and algae can create an ‘algal squidge’ that can become both dangerously slippery and drainage inhibiting. This means that your surface will no longer have the correct anti-slip qualities it requires as well as no longer being porous causing water to hold on the surfacing meaning the sports surface will no longer be SUDS compliant, have standing water, flood and become waterlogged.

Repaint Tennis Courts in Little Whitehouse

Once the maintenance has been completed and the area has received a deep clean, the repainted flash coat can take place, the painted flash coat involves repainting the current coat to renew both its appearance and slip resistance levels.

Usually the recolouring paint coat lasts longer than the existing acrylic or polyurethane coating as this original layer of paint acts as an undercoat. A contrasting colour of paint can be applied for the sports line-markings to create a unique design. There are several colours of both acrylic and polyurethane paints available for macadam and polymeric tennis courts which have no slip properties these include:

  • Red – Red court painting is popular on both porous macadam and polymeric tennis court floorings.

  • Blue – Both light blue and dark blue acrylic and polyurethane paints are available for tennis surfaces.

  • Green – Light green and dark green shades of polyurethane and acrylic paint look great on a tennis court. 

  • Two-Tone – two-toned tennis court designs and specifications are popular with runoffs.


How to Repaint a Tennis Court Near Me

When looking at how to repaint a nearby sports court in Little Whitehouse PO30 4 our local contractors follow these basic steps to provide the best results from recolouring:

  1. Clean the flooring first to stop the paint from sticking to the dirt instead of the actual surface

  2. Apply a chemical treatment to prevent contamination

  3. Fill in any cracks on the surfacing using 2mm emerald stone mixed with PU binder

  4. Install polyurethane binder coat to strengthen the existing surface (optional)

  5. Paint the surfacing in the colour you choose

  6. Apply line markings to your court

To find out more information on repainting sport courts with anti slip colour coatings within the UK, please fill in our contact form and we can provide you with a full list of costs, prices and quotes with specifications to meet the works we carry out.

This can meet the accreditations of SAPCA, ITF, LTA and the design can be tailor-fit to fit your budgets, sizes restrictions onsite, dimensions of existing MUGA courts or sports pitch because some facilities might be a multi-use games area designed for several sports including netball, basketball, football and small sided soccer.

Other Maintenance We Provide

You can find out more about MUGA upgrades here - or contact us to speak to our experts now. 


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