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Tennis Court Contractors are specialists in the recolouring of tennis courts focusing on achieving the best quality results improving the appearance of the surface and enhancing the playing properties. 

Through heavy use and lack of maintenance, hard sports surfaces can become worn out and tennis court recolouring in Gartocharn G83 8 may be needed to bring back the original playing qualities.

Macadam and polymeric rubber are both hard court surface types which are commonly installed for professional, recreational and domestic sports facilities.

These specifications provide ideal playability for tennis with good ball bounce and slip resistance qualities and all-weather capabilities due to their porous nature.

As a specialist sports facility contractor we can install the tarmac and EPDM polymeric surfaces at many schools, leisure centres, universities and domestic gardens in the UK and can supply costs and designs for each of these.


If you are interested in having your sports facility or its surrounding area recoloured, please get in contact with a member of our team today regarding the reapplication of anti-slip paint.

Simply fill in our contact form and we will get back to you with more information on the recolouring process. 

Colour Coating Sports Courts Near Me

The recolouring process is needed when facilities, which have been in place for a number of years, start to become faded and lose their performance capabilities. This often happens with surfaces which do not receive enough regular maintenance through brushing and pressure washing.

Without a regular deep clean, dirt, leaves, litter and other debris can get stuck to the macadam or rubber flooring and make the paint peel off or lead to contamination.

When a surface becomes contaminated, moss and algae will grow, making the facility lose its porosity and hold water as it can’t drain away properly. Tennis court recolouring can help to tackle this problem but first a thorough deep clean must be carried out by a professional company.

Paint coatings in Gartocharn G83 8 can also be applied as part of a new tennis court surface construction which is another of the services that we specialise in.

Tennis Court Colouring 

Prior to applying a new coloured anti-slip paint coating to the sports surfacing, a specialist cleaning process must be done to lift up the dirt and moss from the court.

If the tennis court has sustained damage and is cracked or fretting, our expert team can repair these problems by filling in the gaps with an emerald stone mix for tarmac, or a new application of rubber for a polymeric surface. By completing this minor repair maintenance to localised areas, the safety and playing qualities on the surface will be greatly improved and the repainting process will be much smoother.

Please take a moment to complete our enquiry form if you've got any questions about costs, designs and specifications for recolouring and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Repainting Tennis Surfaces in Gartocharn

When repainting tennis court surfaces near me with an anti-slip coating, it is important that the local contractor ensures the existing flooring is as smooth and seamless as possible to give the best finish when the paint is applied.

If you've got a bitmac macadam court with has small areas of fretting and loose stone, a polyurethane binder coat can be put down to stick the loose stones to the court surface and add extra durability. This polyurethane binder application also acts as a strong and long-lasting base layer for the recolouring paint which helps prolong life expectancy and gives the court a fresh new look. 

Once your hard-court surfacing has been repainted with our specialist coating, the slip resistance, porosity, safety and appearance will all be improved.

To find out more about our costs and specifications for nearby sports court recolouring, feel free to use our contact form and a member of our company staff will send you over further details of the services we provide.

We are able to tailor all the court surfaces to suit your needs and specification so we are sure to find something that will suit you.


What is Anti Slip Paint?

Anti-slip paint is a type of colour coating used for sports surfaces to improve the look and play of a facility along with slip resistance. The professional slip-resistant acrylic paint that we use is compliant with TRRL safety requirements as well as LTA performance qualities for competitive use.

For the process of repainting surfaces we offer a range of colour options and colour combination which enable each client to choose a unique two-tone design to suit school, club or team colour schemes.

As an expert company closest to you, our installers can also apply professional quality sports line-markings which offer clear and accurate lines for game scoring.

If you would like to upgrade your sports surface in Gartocharn to a multi use facility, extra markings can be added in contrasting colours for activities like netball and basketball.

In order to retain the best playing qualities, we always advise carrying out regular court maintenance in order to keep the surface free from dirt and weeds.

Other Maintenance We Provide


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It is highly recommended that you have your multi use sports facility recoloured regularly to improve the appearance of the surface and better the playing properties.

If you would like your surfacing recoloured and are interested in having more information on this, please get in touch with our team now and we can offer you all the information you need on tennis court recolouring in Gartocharn G83 8 and the colours available.

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