Pressure Washing Tennis Courts in Clydebank

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Tennis Court Contractors offer a professional and reliable service with regards to sports cleaning and maintenance.

Pressure washing tennis courts in Clydebank G81 1 is a highly effective way of cleaning courts because this method is strong enough to remove all the debris and moss growth but not too abrasive to damage the surfacing.

This is a specialist maintenance procedure and must always be carried out by a professional court maintenance contractor.

In order to keep your surfacing in accordance with the ITF, SAPCA and LTA accreditations specifications you must ensure that it is correctly maintained using a pressure washer.

The sports court cleaning should be part of a maintenance programme schedule and the benefits of having the pressure washing carried out are:

  • Improves safety characteristics of the surfacing (not slippery)

  • Improves playing characteristics as cleaning makes it ‘as new’

  • Life of the surface extends if maintained correctly

  • Appearance of courts attracts players to use the facility

  • Improves drainage keeping it free draining and not clogging up the pores


Annual Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis court maintenance contractors throughout the UK, including ourselves, advise on having surface cleaning carried out annually but this normally depends upon the surroundings of your facility.

As well as pressure washing the flooring we can also complete tennis flooring repairs to rectify any damage that has been caused to your facility. 

If there is a build-up of nearby trees then a maintenance schedule should be completed monthly as a way to remove the silt, tree sap and contamination which may build up on surfaces and make it slippery.

Please make sure you contact us if you'd like to talk more about our sports court cleansing services in Clydebank and the costs for what we do.

Cleaning Tennis Courts Near Me 

Cleaning of a tennis surfacing and its surrounding area is always completed prior to colour coating of new acrylic painting or polyurethane painted visit. This is because the paint needs to be primed directly to the sport surfacing therefore a thorough rigorous clean is needed. It is advisable during the clean that a moss and algae treatment maintenance visit is also included to the surrounding areas eliminating the growth of weeds through the fence and onto the existing surface.

There are many nearby schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres and sports clubs across the UK who do not regularly maintain their sports surfaces. It is because of this that many have to upgrade and resurface far earlier than expected due to the sports flooring becoming cracked, damaged and unplayable.

By ensuring your local facility in Clydebank G81 1 is cleaned and washed regularly it will dramatically increase its life expectancy and save your organisation money long term.

We may apply specialist chemical treatments to get rid of any moss or algae on the surface and prevent them growing in the future.

How to Clean a Tennis Court

If you're interested to find out how to clean sports courts, our specialist follow a simple routine:

  1. Clear away any dirt on top of the ground

  2. Clean the surface using a specialist pressure washer

  3. Apply a moss and algae treatment to the surfacing to remove contamination

After the jet washing process is complete, we can provide additional maintenance services including painting and line marking the surface if required. The prices, costs and quotes of cleaning and the jet wash visit can be sent to you, just fill in our contact form. We can provide previous case studies of happy private sports court owners, sports clubs and councils where we have cleaned many MUGAs, sports courts and multi-use games areas throughout the UK.

Tennis Court Cleaning Cost in Clydebank

The cost of tennis court cleaning can vary depending on a number of different factors.

One of the biggest factors which can affect the cost to clean a sports facility and its surrounding area is the size of the area. Obviously if you've got a small single sports court the price to clean the flooring will be much less than if you had a triple court.

Additionally the current condition of your surfacing will also have an impact upon the price. If your facility is full of moss and algae along with other contaminants, the price of each pressure washing may be more expensive since more chemical treatment may be needed; also if there is a lot of dirt on the flooring, we may need a skip to remove the debris, which can result in the job becoming more costly.


We try to keep the costs of our cleaning services as low as possible so that you are able to carry out an annual clean - keeping your facility closest to you in the best condition.

We use specialist tools and high-quality cleaning products to ensure the best result from the maintenance services.

Although we may not be the cheapest contractors out there, we do provide excellent value for money and the best services across the UK.

Find out more about costs and funding here - or speak to us today for an accurate quote. 

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We can provide you with all the relevant information on deep cleaning in order to maintain your surface and remain in accordance with the specifications outlines by the ITF, SAPCA and LTA governing bodies.

As soon as we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with all the relevant information on pressure washing tennis courts in Clydebank G81 1 including costs along with the jet washing process.

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