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Tennis Court Contractors are experts at polyurethane anti slip paint spraying and can offer the best service quality at a great price.

If you are looking for the perfect way to protect your tennis court surfacing, we would recommend installing polyurethane spraying colour anti slip paint in Angus whilst adding colour it also gives your facility the anti slip coatings it needs.

The PU coat comes in a range of colours including blue, green and red and can provide a unique aesthetically pleasing finish that is perfect for the play of tennis. This coloured coating specification is perfect for:

  • Enhancing the appearance of your sport surfaces in several different colours.

  • The necessary slip resistance (TRRL 55 / SR 55 or TRRL 75 / SR 75) is required by the ITF, LTA, SAPCA governing body.

  • Improve the surface grip, skid resistance and traction for increased safety during the play of tennis.

  • Increase the lifespan of your surface by providing a protective specialist coating.

When a tennis court begins to reach the end of its lifespan, the macadam and polymeric surfacing can start to fret and become unstable underfoot, leading to hazards and poor play. Over time the original paint begins to fade, and so does the anti slip coatings.

It is a duty of care for any keeper of a sports court in Angus to ensure that these anti slip properties are met by applying new tennis colour coatings http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/applications/tennis-court-colour-coating/angus to meet the ITF, SAPCA and LTA specifications.

Make sure you fill out our enquiry form to get in touch with one of our advisors today, and we will give you some further information on the prices and different designs of paint we can apply. Our team are happy to give you all the information you require to ensure you get the best results possible. 


What is Polyurethane Coating?

Polyurethane anti slip coating is a type of anti slip floor paint used for a range of different sports surfaces. It can be installed in a variety of colours, including blue, green, red and purple. The PU colour coating can be installed onto macadam or polymeric rubber surfaces and is often used for sports courts. This coloured coating is used for sports facilities because it can dramatically enhance the appearance and playing characteristics of the surfacing.

Since the paints we use are non slip paint, they will also improve slip resistance of the flooring, creating a much safer facility for the players. It is highly recommended to have a polyurethane coating applied to your sports facility, as not only will this improve the appearance and play of your court, but it can also help to strengthen the existing surface.

Tennis Courts Polyurethane Paint Non Slip Surfaces

Many sports surfaces are crying out for a new binder coat, and polyurethane spray coating as the existing surface has begun to fret and is unsuitable for play. The moisture curing PU paint provides macadam and polymeric tennis courts with slip resistance and improved playing qualities. This is achieved as the PU paints contain different amounts of aluminium oxide and sand. The coloured mixture is then sprayed onto the asphalt, or polymeric rubber surfacing http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/surfaces/polymeric-rubber-crumb-surfaces/angus give the surfacing the anti-slip rating it requires.

Slip resistance ratings vary from sport to sport with tennis requiring a TRRL 55 or SR55 and netball requiring a TRRL 75 or SR 75. Schools, colleges, universities sports clubs and leisure centres in location]  could benefit immensely from a PU paint coat recap to ensure that their tennis court surface is fit for use and to make sure that the surfacing has the correct level of anti slip paint.

A polyurethane spray coat is also permeable and porous, meaning that the surface is SuDS compliant. This means that water will be able to drain through the anti-slip spray coating and into the sub-base suitably instead of flowing straight into a local drain, causing them to overflow and flood.

Tennis Court Painting Companies in Angus

Many companies in the UK claim that their non slip PU paint is superior to others however we would advise that you carry out the relevant checks to ensure the correct certifications and accreditations have been met, it is also vital to check the materials being used and view case studies of previous work that has been completed as a reference to fully ensure your court will meet the standards set out by the ITF, SAPCA and LTA.

Please fill out our contact form today for more information on the specification of the polyurethane textured spray coating, costs, and usage. We'll be in touch with advice regarding the spray coating process, design ideas, and completion prices.

How to Apply PU Paint

If you are interested in applying non slip PU paints, our contractors can complete the entire process or recolour your sports facility.

  1. Thoroughly clean the surfacing using specialist equipment.

  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment to the flooring

  3. Spray the court with the polyurethane colour coating

  4. Install line markings for tennis

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Our contractors can complete the entire repainting process at a reasonable price. We only make use of premium materials and aim to provide the best service across the UK. Find out more regarding polyurethane slip resistant paint as well as other hard wearing surfacing options here - http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/angus or speak to our experts today. 

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