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Tennis Court Contractors have the skills and expertise when applying acrylic colour coating anti slip paint to all sports surfaces. We offer a good reliable service, achieve the best results and at a great price.

Acrylic colour coating anti-slip paint in Rewe EX5 4 is typically used on tennis courts and MUGAs with a porous open-graded macadam surface, the acrylic spray paint is a water-based coloured coating that is available in a wide range of colours. These non-slip colours include light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue and red, it is also possible to mix these coloured coatings to give your tennis sports court a uniquely decorated finish, these include:

  • Dark green antislip coted macadam court with light green surround at a tennis club.

  • Red and green skid resistance painted polymeric court in the back garden.

  • Dark blue and light blue coloured coated polymeric facility with red surround at a sports club.

  • Red spray non-slip coated asphalt court with light green surround within a leisure centre.

  • Light blue non-skid coloured tarmac facility with dark blue surround at a school.

  • Light green non-slip painted polymeric rubber crumb tennis facility flooring with red surround in a college or university.


If you would like to find out more information regarding acrylic colour coating, speak to our team today. We are happy to give you all the details you will need to ensure you get the best results. Simply fill out the contact form provided and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Colour Coating Specialists 

As well as adding unique design and specification to your sports court the acrylic coat also offers anti-slip qualities to the surface, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), ITF and SAPCA state that a court should have the anti-slip rating of TRRL 55 and SR55.

This slip resistance is achieved as the acrylic paint contains aluminium oxide and sand to reduce that ‘slippiness’ of the surface.

The painting of a sports facility in Rewe EX5 4 with acrylic sports coatings requires the skills and expertise of a specialist tennis surface builder so make sure you speak to us today.

To find out more information regarding acrylic paint for sport courts please fill out the contact form on this page and we shall get back to you with budget costs, prices and specification.

Polyurethane Colour Coating Anti Slip Paints

Polyurethane coloured coating is a moisture curing paint that is commonly associated with polymeric surfacing.

Tennis courts are commonly installed in polymeric rubber surfacing and are therefore colour coated in the moisture-curing polyurethane paints. Similarly to the acrylic, the polyurethane coloured coating gives the surfacing both its colourful appearance and its anti-slip rating, on a tennis court the LTA state that they require the slip resistance rating to be TRRL 55.

The polyurethane paints are applied to the flooring in two coats which are done in two different directions to give the surfacing the most even colour and anti-slip coverage possible.

Find out more regarding colour coating including acrylic markings here or simply speak to our professionals today. 

Tennis Court Painting Service in Rewe

The coating process can be done for new courts and also for sports surface recolouring work in Rewe EX5 4 where an existing facility has lost its anti-slip qualities.

Also like the acrylic paint, polyurethane paint can be applied to macadam and polymeric surfaced tennis courts and a number of different establishments. These include:

  • Red slip-resistant sprayed polymeric courts at schools to meet ITF, SAPCA and LTA standards.

  • Dark blue colour coated porous open textured macadam facilities in parks.

  • Light green spray-coated asphalt courts at tennis clubs.

  • Light blue anti-slip coloured rubber crumb polymeric flooring at leisure centres.

  • Dark green anti-slip painted tarmac surfacing at colleges.

  • Tennis courts sprayed spray-cote in multiple coloured non slip paints at universities.


What is Colour Coating?

Colour coating is the application of a specialist non slip paint onto a specific surface.

It is popular for sports facilities, roadways and playgrounds to be colour coated using these specialist paints. Sport courts can be painted in a variety of different colours including red, green, blue and many more.

These surfaces are often painted to create a much more appealing and more unique area to play sports on.

Not only does the application of a coloured coat improve the appearance of a sports facility, but the coats can also improve slip resistance and improve the playing characteristics. 

We install anti-slip coloured coating to sports surfaces to improve the safety of the court. This gives players a lot more traction making them less likely to fall and hurt themselves when playing on the court.

Our coloured coating also allows water to drain through due to its permeable properties; this means that the facility can be used in all weather conditions throughout the year.

Other Applications We Provide

If you are interested in more information on the non slip paint that we can install for your sporting facility, please fill in our enquiry form and we will get back to you regarding costs and the installation process.


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Polyurethane specialist spray-coat application should only be carried out by professional contractors as painting sports surface is a specialist trade that requires the skill and expertise of an experienced installer.

For more information on polyurethane and acrylic coats including costs and prices please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Simply fill in the enquiry form provided on this page and one of our expert team members will provide you with more details on acrylic colour coating anti-slip paint in Rewe EX5 4 along with a quote if necessary.

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