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Tennis Court Contractors have the skills and expertise in the field of non-slip acrylic painting colour coating tennis courts delivering a first-class service for a great price.

When spraying and painting tennis courts with non-slip acrylic painting colour coating in Copley within the UK, the open textured macadam hard courts become protected with anti-slip properties to meet the ITF, LTA and SAPCA governing body specifications.

The non-slip coating also ensures the tennis court is both aesthetically pleasing and unique when compared with other forms of macadam surfaces.

Within the UK, the porous open-graded macadam surfacing is still the most predominantly used flooring for sports courts and MUGAs. Macadam courts are made up from an open textured base and wearing course tarmacadam.

This system is fully porous with a permeable membrane that allows the drainage of surface water ensuring the surface remains SuDS compliant.


For other tennis surfaces in Copley we also offer polyurethane paint coatings which leave a slightly different finish to the acrylic paint. Talk to our team today by filling out the enquiry form provided if you are interested in finding out more information  -

Acrylic Paint Colours

By coating open textured permeable macadam court surfaces with non-slip paint it allows the surfacing to be protected from damage whilst meeting the guidelines set out by sports governing bodies. The specialist anti-slip coating for macadam surfacing comes in a range of different colours to suit everyone and this includes:

  • Dark green painted macadam with light green surround at tennis clubs within the UK.

  • Red and green porous asphalt painted court for private use in gardens.

  • Dark blue and light blue non-slip colour coated permeable tarmac facility with red surround at a sports club inside the United Kingdom.

  • Red acrylic sprayed non slip paints to porous bitmac court with light green surround at a leisure centre.

  • Light blue coloured tarmac courts with dark blue surrounds in primary and secondary schools.

  • Light green painted macadam facility flooring with red surround for a college or university.

Make sure you complete our contact form if you would like some more information on the application process for tennis coatings.

We'll get back to you with some helpful advice on the costs and designs for this work.


Spraying Tennis Courts in Acrylic Anti Slip Paint

The different specialist colour spray coat design specifications not only look fantastic on your tennis court but also ensure that the surfacing meets the anti-slip TRRL 55 set out by the LTA, ITF and SAPCA governing bodies. SR75 non-slip coloured coating is specified when netball slip resistance is required. The anti-slip qualities are met by including aluminium oxide and sand within the acrylic paint mix to reduce the ‘slippiness’ of the flooring.

When choosing an anti-slip spray coat installer inside the United Kingdom it is important to check that the company have been trading for a number of years and that paints used achieves the correct surface specifications. Check the company have the correct certifications to complete the work in the form of case studies and references.

How to Apply Acrylic Paint

For those wondering how to apply anti-slip paints to nearby sports surfaces and their surrounding areas, we complete the following steps to coat the facility:

  1. Clean the surface closest to you using specialist cleaning tools

  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment to the surfacing as a way to prevent contamination

  3. Repair any cracks in the flooring

  4. Install a polyurethane binder coat to strengthen the surface and help the paint to stick to the floor better

  5. Paint the surfacing using the specialist acrylic coating with the colour of your choice

  6. Apply line markings onto the facility near me to allow for accurate game play

Once we have completed the painting of your sports facility, we recommend regular maintenance to keep the surfacing in the best possible condition. Annual cleaning is suggested along with a repaint every 3-5 years depending on how often the court is used. Find out more about the maintenance and equipment here - to discover how we can improve your facility.

Sports Court Maintenance in Copley

We also offer sport surface relining for facilities in Copley where the paints and line markings have faded over time and become unsuitable.

We are also able to apply new markings for different sports so you can transform the flooring into a multi-use games area.


For more information on the professional specialist acrylic anti-slip spray coating for porous permeable macadam tennis courts inside the United Kingdom please fill out our contact form today and we will be in touch with the professional advice you require.

We can provide you with material costs, prices of installation and all the different design specifications available to ensure your tennis court is well protected and looking fantastic.

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