Polyurethane Sports Coating in The Barony

Polyurethane Sports Coating in The Barony

Specialist polyurethane paint can be applied to tennis court surfaces to add colour and enhance the slip resistance qualities to give a better playing surface for training and matches.

PU Tennis Court Paint in The Barony

PU Tennis Court Paint in The Barony

The PU coatings can be applied in a range of bright colours with two tone designs and contrasting line markings to turn your tennis court into a multi use facility with netball and basketball.

Tennis Surface Coatings in The Barony

Tennis Surface Coatings in The Barony

We can apply specialist sports coatings to tennis surfaces at schools, clubs and private facilities to improve the appearance and playing qualities on the court.

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Polyurethane Painted Sports Surfaces in The Barony

Tennis Court Contractors are specialist in installing polyurethane painted sports surfaces and offer the best quality service at a great price.

Polyurethane painted sports surfaces can be installed to give your sport surfaces like polymeric or macadam surfacing a colourful decorative design as well as providing the court with anti-slip qualities.

PU paints are available in a wide range of colours including Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, and Light Green etc and are often used to brighten up polymeric and macadam courts as well as add onto the surfaces playing characteristics. All moisture curing polyurethane non-slip coatings are compliant with LTA, ITF and SAPCA regulations.

Establishments that might require moisture curing paints to their tennis court or MUGA surface include:

  • Leisure Centres – Red non-slip polyurethane-coated tennis court used recreationally
  • Sport Clubs – Dark Green PU anti-slip painted polymeric surface.
  • Tennis Clubs – Light Green coloured non slip paints for tennis flooring.
  • Schools – Dark Blue colour coated macadam surface used for PE lessons & matches
  • Colleges/Universities – Light Blue anti-slip painted surfaces used for competition.

Moisture curing PU painting of sport surfacing should be carried out by a local specialist contractor and installer.

The installation of the coating in The Barony CW5 6 requires the skill and expertise of a spray coat specialist.


Depending on the surface type and the finish you would like to achieve, we can also apply a water-based acrylic paint http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/surfaces/water-based-acrylic-surfaces/cheshire/the-barony/ which comes in a range of vibrant colours as well. Make sure you speak to one of our experts about the costs of installing these coatings, and the different coloured designs we offer in your surrounding area.

What is Polyurethane Paint?

Polyurethane paint is a type of anti-slip coating which can be applied to nearby court surfaces to improve slip resistance and enhance the look and play of the sports facility. The polyurethane paints could be applied in a number of different colours including blue, red, green and purple.

Since PU paints are porous materials, water can pass through the surfacing after the coating has been applied. This means that the facility can be used all year round, even in wet weather conditions. 

Tennis Court Paint Suppliers Near Me

Polyurethane paints (PU) provide sport surfaces just like tennis courts and Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) with anti-slip properties by containing sand and aluminium oxide within the paint solution. It is the amount of sand and aluminium oxide within the PU solution along with the amount of coating applied onto the sport surfacing that defines the surfaces slip or TRRL rating.

The TRRL rating for a sports surface varies between sports the LTA state that the anti-slip rating on a court must be TRRL 55 whilst the netballs governing body insist on the court to contain an antislip level of TRRL 75. The specialist non-slip coating is applied to the polymeric or macadam surfacing, using a spray gun with the spray-cote paint being sprayed in two different directions to give the sports court or surface the best coverage.


How to Paint a Tennis Court Near Me

If you are looking to coat your sporting surface in PU paint, our contractors carry out the following steps:

  1. Clean the surfacing thoroughly to remove dirt and debris
  2. Remove moss and algae by applying a chemical treatment
  3. Repair any cracks in the surface
  4. Spray the court with the polyurethane colour coating
  5. Apply line markings to the facility

Our specialists can install PU painting to your sports facility at a reasonable price. If you are interested in finding out more information on polyurethane painted sports surfaces in The Barony CW5 6 simply fill in our contact box and we will reply promptly.

Moisture Curing Paint for Sports Court Flooring in The Barony

Moisture curing spray-coat paints, just like polyurethane paint (PU), get the name moisture curing because they dry or set by taking moisture from the air. Once the surface coating has cured the sports line-markings may be applied.

On sports-specific surfaces such as tennis courts, they will only have the one set of line-markings installed onto the flooring however on multi-sport facilities, for example, multi-use games areas (MUGA) there can be a wide number of sports such as tennis, netball, basketball, football and even hockey, in this situation each of the sport line markings will be applied to the MUGA surface using different coloured paint e.g. white, yellow, green or blue.

The costs for applying these coatings will depend on a number of factors including the tennis surface dimensions http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/other/tennis-court-dimensions-size/cheshire/the-barony/ so we advise that you decide on a budget beforehand.


To find out more information regarding PU spray-coat paints in The Barony CW5 6 or to find out the costs and prices associated with installed a polyurethane anti-slip coating to your sports surface please fill out the contact form.

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