Polymeric Tennis Courts in Auchenhalrig

Polymeric Tennis Courts in Auchenhalrig

Polymeric EPDM rubber surfacing is commonly chosen for tennis courts as it's a durable and versatile sports surface which can be installed in a range of bright colours.

Polymeric Rubber Surfaces in Auchenhalrig

Polymeric Rubber Surfaces in Auchenhalrig

This rubber surface type is made up of rubber granules which are mixed together with a binder and then laid out onto an engineered macadam sub base.

EPDM Sports Court in Auchenhalrig

EPDM Sports Court in Auchenhalrig

Polymeric sports flooring can be installed as a structural spray specification where the rubber is sprayed out to create a textured finish with added grip and slip resistance.

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Polymeric Rubber Crumb in Auchenhalrig

Tennis Court Contractors are experts at installing polymeric rubber crumb sports surfacing in Auchenhalrig. We offer a quality service at a great price.

The unique porous EPDM rubber crumb in Auchenhalrig can be used as a sports surface for multi use games areas and is the perfect type for any MUGA. Not only is the system SuDS compliant, but it is also ideal for the play of tennis meeting SAPCA, ITF and LTA standards and specifications. This can refer to the ball bounce on the tennis court, the player/surface interaction and the slip resistance applied once the sport surface has been installed.

Many organisations in the UK sell EPDM surfacing; however, it is important to do credit checks before commencing with surfacing work to ensure that both suppliers and installers have obtained the required certifications and accreditations. 

In addition to rubber sports surfaces, we also offer a range of alternatives including macadam and synthetic turf courts in Auchenhalrig http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/surfaces/synthetic-turf-sports-surfaces/moray/auchenhalrig/ so feel free to contact us to discuss any of these other sports surface types.


We can offer additional details on EPDM rubber sports surfacing if necessary. Fill in the contact box, and we will answer any worries or concerns you may have.

EPDM Rubber Sports Surfaces

EPDM rubber crumb sports surfaces may be found all over the UK as a top specification surface for tennis courts and a multi use games area. You can expect to find polymeric surfacing within institutions such as:

  • Schools - EPDM ball courts designed to meet LTA and ITF surfacing standards.
  • Colleges - Rubberised crumb sports flooring ideal for college tennis, PE and to rent out when not in use.
  • Universities - Rubberised sports surfaces and line marking for high profile university games.
  • Sports Clubs - Polymeric sport court for professional play meeting surface specifications of the governing body.
  • Leisure centres - EPDM surface ideal for tennis and other sports in a MUGA.

For more details on rubber sport surfacing and renovation, go to  http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/maintenance/tennis-court-renovation/moray/auchenhalrig/ 

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We'll be able to talk you through each of the design options and give you an idea of costs for installing these courts.


How to Install Polymeric Sports Surfaces

Installing polymeric sports surfaces in Auchenhalrig can be carried out by our specialists, to the highest standards. When constructing and installing tennis courts, we only use the best quality materials to get the greatest results. To carry out this process, we follow these simple steps:

  1. Dig up the current surfacing 
  2. Lay the chosen base
  3. Apply the porous tarmac
  4. Install the polymeric rubber
  5. Coat the sports surface with paint and apply white, blue, yellow line markings (or whatever colour you desire for your facility)

Installing a polymeric sports surface can be perfect for a range of sport facilities across the UK. If you are interested in finding out further details, please get in touch with us today. We could give you all the required information as well as talk you through the process. Fill out the contact form provided, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

What is Polymeric Surfacing?

Polymeric surfacing is a type of rubber sports surface type which can be used for many facilities like sport courts, MUGAs, athletics tracks and their surrounding area. Many MUGA facilities are installed with EPDM flooring because it is a porous flooring type which means that water can pass through easily. For this reason, the surface area will not become flooded in wet weather, meaning that the facility may be used all year round in almost any weather conditions.

This type of surfacing is great for sports like tennis, as it provides great performance characteristics.

An EPDM court can also be colour coated using a specialist anti slip paint, improving the look and playing characteristics along with the slip resistance of the facility. 

Polymeric Tennis Court Sport Surface in Auchenhalrig

When choosing your nearby polymeric surface, you have a wide range of colours and line markings, including small sided tennis for young children and full size for adults and professional play.

There are various colours of polyurethane anti-slip coating to suit many different designs and specifications to make the local sport court flooring unique. The line-markings are also available in many colours so that they stand out from the rubber surface. 

The construction of this type of sports surface involves mixing rubberised granules with a specifically formulated polyurethane binders on-site and laying insitu by the method of hand lay or machine lay. Once the flooring has fully cured non-skid, anti slip paint is applied to the flooring to give the flooring colour and skid resistance. Once the moisture cure polyurethane paint has dried tennis court lines may be applied.

This specification is very popular for schools playground surfacing, multi use games areas and clubs that do different sports such as tennis basketball and more, who are looking to complete a MUGA court upgrade in Auchenhalrig by installing a surface with better playing qualities for different sports.

Other Surfaces We Offer

You can learn more regarding MUGA upgrades here - http://tenniscourtcontractors.co.uk/other/tennis-court-muga-upgrade/moray/auchenhalrig/ or contact our team today!


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