Artificial Clay Courts in Arnold

Artificial Clay Courts in Arnold

Synthetic clay tennis courts are installed with a specialist turf carpet which is dyed to match the colour of real clay, and has a sand infill installed to mimic the playing characteristics.

Synthetic Clay Surfacing in Arnold

Synthetic Clay Surfacing in Arnold

The artificial clay court specification is designed to give the same playing qualities as real clay, but with much fewer maintenance requirements and a porous surface which lets water drain away easily.

Artificial Clay Surface Builders in Arnold

Artificial Clay Surface Builders in Arnold

We can create designs and carry out the installation of synthetic clay tennis surfaces for a range of organisations in the UK which are looking for a premium surface with low maintenance needs.

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Artificial Clay Tennis Court Surfacing in Arnold

Tennis Court Contractors are specialists in offering high quality service for artificial clay tennis courts at a great price.

Having an artificial clay tennis court surface in Arnold HU11 5 installed for your sports facility or club can give great opportunities to young tennis players looking to develop their skills on the best sport court specification.

Professional tennis stars often favour artificial clay tennis courts as they are much more comfortable to play on than a hard court, and their performance capabilities are far better. Although most high profile tennis players prefer natural clay, this court surface specification can be very messy and difficult to maintain, which means it's not always sustainable for local clubs and schools.


If you are interested in finding out more information on artificial clay tennis courts closest to you, we would recommend contacting our local team to answer any questions or queries that you may have for this court surface type. Our experts can provide you with details regarding the specifications and designs available along with costs.

Synthetic Clay Courts Near Me 

Artificial clay tennis courts can be a great option as it has qualities that are identical to real clay court (in terms of pace and ball bounce) with an ITF court pace 2 medium/slow rating, but the maintenance is much simpler and less time-consuming.

Natural clay court surfaces are not permeable, so they can easily hold water and become flooded during wet weather. However, manmade surfacing systems are made up of a synthetic carpet and a sand infill layer, this system is porous. Hence, it allows rainwater to pass through it and gameplay can continue.

These all-weather sports court properties make manmade clay a versatile and durable surface type for tennis. To ensure clear and accurate gameplay, we offer professional tennis line markings in Arnold HU11 5 for nearby artificial courts, hard courts and synthetic turf surfaces as well as their surrounding areas.

Please find out more here or speak to our professionals today to get all the details you require.


How to Install an Artificial Clay Sports Surface

When installing artificial clay tennis court surfaces in Arnold HU11 5 it is important that you have expert installers on hand to achieve the best results. It can be a difficult process if you do not have the right tools and equipment to give you everything you are looking for. When carrying out the tennis court construction, our experts follow these steps:

  1. Dig up the existing surface
  2. Add the sub base
  3. Apply a layer of artificial clay
  4. Lay the line markings

Artificial clay tennis courts are a great surface option for a range of sports including tennis and MUGAs.

Please fill out the enquiry form provided to speak to our professionals today to learn everything you need to know about our wide range of surfaces, including synthetic turfs and other floorings. We are happy to give you all the details necessary to find you exactly what you are looking for. 

Artificial Clay Tennis Surface in Arnold

The bright terra-cotta colouring of the synthetic carpet gives an artificial surface the striking appearance of natural clay, and the specialised sand layer is baked to match the colour. Baking the sand is a much better way of giving it this colour than the traditional method of dying it. This is because the dyed sand can lose its colour due to exposure to the sun, and the dye can rub off on players' clothes leaving permanent stains. The baked sand specification is much more UV stable and also the colour will not transfer onto clothes or cause any mess.

Artificial sport surfacing can also be used for indoor courts near me, as it doesn’t throw up any dust, so the surface is not limited to outdoor use.

Get in touch with our nearby experts today through the contact form on this page so we may advise you on the different specifications and costs for installing synthetic courts at schools, colleges and clubs.

Synthetic Clay Tennis Courts Costs

The costs of artificial clay tennis courts installation will vary for each project as area size, site access and location all have to be taken into account before the tennis court construction process begins. However, choosing to install artificial surfacing may be a very cost-effective option for your organisation as a whole. This is because the synthetic system could be installed over an existing macadam playing surface which may have suffered minor damage or does not have the best playing qualities anymore. The macadam surfacing may be repaired and provide a suitable sub base for the new carpet of synthetic clay courts to be laid out onto, meaning there is no need to have a full resurfacing project carried out.

Once installed, synthetic courts' costs are kept low as there is no need for heavy maintenance required for natural clay. Simply brushing and re-spreading the sand infill regularly can keep an artificial court in good condition and play well. Natural clay surfaces require grooming, watering and relining every day.

The low maintenance requirements of this manmade carpet surface can save your organisation time and money, and more time may be spent enjoying the sport rather than cleaning and maintaining the surface. We may help you create a bespoke tennis court design which will suit both your budget and the performance requirements you have.

Other Surfaces We Offer

For a playing surface, you can play on every day, get in touch about synthetic clay court surfaces that are cost effective and made from high quality materials.


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