Tennis Court Fencing in Backaland

Tennis Court Fencing in Backaland

Fencing is commonly installed with tennis court facilities to keep the are secure and to prevent the loss of equipment during training and competitions.

Rebound Sports Fence in Backaland

Rebound Sports Fence in Backaland

We can offer a range of specifications for sports court fencing including super rebound designs, weldmesh fences and simple chain link depending on how much use the facility will get.

MUGA Facility Fencing in Backaland

MUGA Facility Fencing in Backaland

You can choose from sports fencing options with goal recesses and basketball hoops to turn your tennis court into a multi use activity area which can be utilised in many different ways.

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Tennis Court Fencing Choices in Backaland

Tennis Court Contractors are experienced in the installation of court barriers and fencing to all sports facilities.

We offer professional free advice and information to ensure all your requirements with regards to design and specifications needs are met.

Tennis court fencing in Backaland KW17 2 is a massive part of the construction. 

The fences enclose the tennis facility allowing the ball to stay within the complex and prevent people from entering the facility who shouldn’t be there.

There are a variety of options available to choose from depending upon the requirements of the facility as well as your budgets.


The tennis court fencing options vary in costs on prices depending upon the amount, height and specification. Barrier options include:

  • Chain Link – Good cost-effective option for those facilities used solely for tennis.
  • Solid Weldmesh – A more stable fence option to enclose tennis courts.
  • Double Twin Bar Super Rebound – Great choice for courts that are part of MUGA facilities where other ball games are played. Fence stays stable and strong in areas of high impact, this is becaused it is made from a strong metal fencing. This fencing is available in wide range heights including 3 meter to 5-meter height.

Sometimes tennis court fencing reduces the rebound effect often found on some stiffer mesh systems. 

Professional Fencing Contractors Near Me

Tennis court fencing should both be supplied and installed by a trusted well-experienced specialist local tennis court fencing contractor.

The installation of tennis court barriers requires the skill and knowledge of an experienced supplier and installer from inside the UK.

Other tennis court equipment in Backaland such as floodlights, nets and maintenance tools can be supplied if required so don't hesitate to ask about these or look here to find out more. 

Make sure you get in touch with our nearby team today by filling in your details in the contact form and one of our expert advisors will reply back with all the information you need on prices and designs for sport court gates.

Tennis Courts Fence Suppliers

There are many tennis court fencing options available to fit all budgets and requirements with costs, prices and specification of tennis court fencing varying from chain link fencing to double twin bar super rebound tennis court fencing with the choice of fence often determined with the level of use along with sports played on the facility.

Tennis court builders usually include the supply and installation of fences within the whole package so within the specification set out by LTA, ITF and SAPCA it will outline the details including the height, materials and amount of gates required with majority of single courts having one single leaf gate and possibly one double-leaf gate for maintenance purposes.

The dimensions of your pitch will obviously determine the measurements and distances of fence required to the perimeter of the court which may be specified in a range of colours, green colour is the most common specification.

As an alternative to tennis court fencing, we can supply tennis facility air domes in Backaland KW17 2 which are inflatable structures designed to cover the sports court so it can still be used during winter months. Learn more about air domes here or speak to us today. 


Tennis Court Enclosures in Backaland

If the fence is just set to surround and enclose a sports facility then chain link fencing could be a suitable option.

On an area such as MUGAs where there are a number of sports played within the venue other than tennis, consideration should be given to more stable and solid barriers systems such as rebound or super rebound, these options will add to the playing characteristics of other sports like football as well as being more hard-wearing and durable in areas of high impact.

The height could also have an impact on your tennis court fencing choice, a common height of fence enclosures for tennis courts and Multi-Use Games Areas is 3 meters high but in areas surrounded houses or near cars it is possible fences can be installed higher up to 5m in height in some cases.

Tennis court fencing systems are a great optition for tennis clubs, schools, domestic courts and parks.

Tennis Courts Fencing Price

The price of tennis court fencing systems near me can vary depending upon the type of court fencing that you choose to have installed along with the dimensions of your facility.

Chainlink will not cost the same as rebound or weldmesh.

It is important that you have a look at the different fence types so that you can be sure that the most suitable barrier for your facility is within your price range.

The size of your facility will also have an effect on the overall cost, this is because bigger facilities closest to you will need more fence panels to enclose the surrounding area.

You may also find that the price alters depending on the height of fence you require. 


We try to keep our prices as low as possible and we are able to alter our designs and specifications to meet individual needs and requirements along with personal spending budgets.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you need more information regarding the different types of fence barriers our builders install.

We will get back to you at the earliest convenience with all the information you require.

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