Tennis Court Construction

Tennis Court Construction

The process of tennis court construction begins with excavating the existing ground and laying a sub base to give the court an even foundation where the chosen surfacing will be applied.

Tennis Surface Installation

Tennis Surface Installation

Once the sub base has been put down the specified surfacing can be installed, this will be in either macadam, polymeric rubber or artificial turf.

Sports Facility Contractors

Sports Facility Contractors

We specialise in all aspects of tennis court construction including the groundworks, surface installation, anti slip paint coatings and extra equipment like floodlights and fencing.

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Constructing a Tennis Court

Tennis Court Contractors are experts in all aspects of building and constructing a sporting facility. We offer a reliable, professional service at a great price.

There are many factors involved when constructing a tennis court and it is important that you get a professional to talk you through them.

Once planning permission is approved the tennis court construction can commence.

This starts with excavating and removing the existing surface down to the necessary depths, once this has been completed PCC edges are laid to the perimeter of the area and a Geotextile laid over the whole area. MOT Type 1 stone is then poured onto the area and spread evenly before being heavy compacted and rolled. Open textured base macadam hard court is then installed to the area before a wearing course of macadam is laid.

This Sub Base specification gives the outdoor tennis courts and indoor tennis courts great stability as well as making it as level and even as possible, Indoor tennis courts are normally made with hard court surfacing.  

Other positives of constructing a sub-base to this specification are that it is porous and permeable making the sub-base fully SuDS compliant. A SuDS compatible surface means that water is allowed to pass through the tennis courts surfaces suitably into the substrata instead of flowing directly into the drains and overburdening them and causing them to flood.


If you would like to find out more information regarding constructing a tennis court speak to us today. We are happy to give you all the information you require in order to get the best results.

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Sports Facility Construction

Once the sub base has been constructed the porous wearing course macadam can be used as the tennis courts surfacing however it's possible you may wish to use polymeric sports surfaces or other surfaces for your tennis court or even use a synthetic short piled turf all surfacing options are compliant with ITF, LTA and SAPCA regulations.

If you opt to build a macadam hard court or polymeric surfacing an acrylic or polyurethane anti-slip colour coating will be applied to your surfacing before being finished with line marking.

Sometimes adding additional extras to your tennis courts make such a massive difference and make your tennis court surfaces looking from box standard to a new professional and more exciting court for the players. 

Some extras can include; floodlights and specialist sports fencing we can included these with the overall tennis court construction and and we have a range of designs to suit your requirements available.

If you have any questions regarding costs for tennis court construction near me then fill in the simple contact box on this page to get in touch with. We will send you over all the relevant information as soon as possible.

Construction Specialists 

As tennis court construction specialists we are able to build and create a sports surface that suits your requirements. We understand that every facility in the UK will have different dimensions and needs which is why we can construct a surface that is perfect for you.

There are four main types of tennis court surfaces these include; Macadamn, polymeric, synthetic grass and artifical clay courts.  As a very competitive company with high quailtity products and a experienced team we ensure that we have high levels of stock. Synthetic grass courts are the same as an artifical grass tennis court or synthetic carpet court. An artifical grass surface can be used for both indoor and outdoor tennis courts. Artifical clay courts are used outdoors. 

Speak with our specialists today if you're interested in finding out more, speak to our team today. We are happy to give you all the information and details necessary to ensure you get the best results. Simply fill out the contact form provided and we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

How to Construct a Tennis Court Near Me

As professionals in the tennis court construction industry, we know just how to construct a tennis facility closest to you so that it will last a long time. We follow simple steps when constructing sports facilities in your surrounding area which are as follows:

  1. Excavate/dig up the existing surface to required depth
  2. Lay down a geotextile membrane
  3. Stone up and install sub base
  4. Install sports surfacing of your choice
  5. Paint the surfacing if you decide on macadam hard court or polymeric
  6. Install line markings

The process of installing a nearby sports facility will vary depending on the surface type.

If you're having a macadam hard court installed, less prep work will be needed, as only a stone sub-base is required. We recommend thinking about your budget and plan for your local facility before having the area constructed.

You may wish to play a number of sports on the facility, along with tennis, you may find that the types of sport you wish to play will affect the surface that you should have installed.

Once constructed you may also require regular maintenance including repainting and relining, to ensure the upkeep. 


Building Tennis Courts

Things to consider before you start building tennis courts, as well as the construction and the sub-base and surfacing to a sports facility it is also important to consider other things such as fencing and lighting. There are a number of different surfaces aswell as different fencing options available such as chain link, rebound, super rebound and many more.

In terms of lighting, there are several options available, however, it is important to get planning permission where using lighting especially when the tennis court is to be built in a residential area. The amount and number of floodlights needed to light the tennis courts will depend on the size of the tennis court being constructed, on smaller areas 4 lights may be sufficient however on large facilities where they are multiple courts, 6 or 8 may be needed.

All aspects of building a tennis court and the tennis court construction process of a sporting facility will need the skill, experience and expertise of specialist contactor.

The ground preparation works will need a skilled groundworker with a vast knowledge of civil engineering, the surfacing will need a specialist sports surface installer and the fencing and lighting will have to be supplied and installed by professionals from those areas.

Once the tennis court construction process is complete we offer a range of tennis facility equipment including nets, fencing and maintenance tools so feel free to ask about these extras or click here - to learn more.

For more information about constructing tennis courts please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with details of specification, costs and prices.


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We know that you want the best possible tennis court there is and that is why our professional team don't cut corners and ensure they provide you with exactly what you want and need to make what you dream for your tennis court become reality. 

You can contact us today for more information regarding the process of building your new tennis court by simply filling in our enquiry form.

As professional constructors we have done work for many schools, colleges, private homes, sports centres and gyms in the past. Whilst doing this we have made differents courts such as a basketball court tennis court badminton court and more. 

As soon as we receive your enquiry, we will e mail right back to you with regards to constructing a tennis court along with the costs and specifications available.

Relining Existing Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Contractors are experts in relining existing tennis courts and can provide you with all the information you need to ensure you achieve the best results for your sports facilities. We offer a professional reliable service at a great price.

It is important that you carry out the process of relining existing tennis courts regularly to ensure that the surface remains in good working order.

Reline markings in all sports are extremely important and tennis is no exception, there is a fine line between winning and losing a point in tennis and it is important that your line-markings sports lines are bold and visible to ensure it's easy to distinguish what’s in and what’s out.

In tennis there are a number of different lines including the baseline and tram lines and, for obvious reasons, it's recommended that line-markings are always in a contrasting colour to the court specialist surfacing colour.


There are a wide range of polyurethane and acrylic paints available for tennis flooring line-markings, these include:

Sports Court Remarking

We will always complete a thorough tennis flooring clean prior to any new paint applications, this makes sure that your court is completely smooth and there will be a seamless finish.

You can find out more about cleaning here  - or speak to us to find out more.

The surface colour and line marking sports lines colours can be installed to any design specification you may require whether it be a facility at a sports club, leisure centre, school, college, university or even your back garden. The design and specification is normally in accordance with accreditations set out by governing bodies such as ITF, SAPCA and LTA but some recreational and leisure.

To discuss the relining process and the costs for our different services, take a moment to complete our contact form so we may respond with all of the information you need.

Reline Marking Tennis Court Surfacing Sports Lines

Along with making sure your surface has a flash coat applied to keep it looking its best and retaining its anti-slip qualities it's also important that specialist line-markings are kept looking prominent and bold to keep the court performing consistently to the highest level.

It's especially vital to make certain line-markings are in good condition in high levels of competition, line-markings sports lines that stand out well allow match officials and referees to make correct decisions more easily and reduce the chance of a player dispute over the wrong decisions.

Line-markings in poor conditions make in and out calls more difficult to make and can reduce the quality gameplay. It is vital venues such as nearby sports clubs and leisure centres should always make sure the courts are well kept meaning that the surfacing is looking its best and performing at its best, this involves keeping the required anti-slip qualities and keeping line-marking in good condition.

Failure to do so could mean losing bookings to competitors with superior surfaces.


Relining Services Near Me

Our relining services are often done as part of a complete tennis court refurbishment process where the facility is thoroughly cleaned, repaired and repainted to give it a fresh new look and improved qualities - 

To find out more information on specialist relining marking please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with some friendly professional advice as well as budget prices and costs.

We can offer you professional specialists line marking advice regarding the correct materials to use so that your facility meets the accreditations set out in the as ITF, SAPCA and LTA governing body guidelines.

How to Reline Sports Courts

We can offer relining services for local sports courts and general maintenance. The general steps which we follow are:

  1. Clean the surface and surrounding areas of the court thoroughly to ensure the line-marking paint sticks to the surfacing and not any dirt or debris
  2. Apply moss and algae treatment
  3. Install line-markings onto the sports court

Our sport contractors closest to you can provide high-quality relining services to improve the accuracy of scoring on sports courts.

We may apply the line-markings and colour coating in a number of different colours depending on the client's individual requirements. 


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If you are interested in having your sports facility relined, we would love to tell you more about the different colours we can apply. As experts in relining existing tennis courts we can provide you with all the information you need; simply fill in the contact box and we will respond to you.


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