Tennis Court Refurbishment in Astmoor

Tennis Court Refurbishment in Astmoor

Many tennis court refurbishment projects are carried out to damaged and tired sports surfaces which have lost their playing qualities and are started to flood.

Refurbishing Sports Courts in Astmoor

Refurbishing Sports Courts in Astmoor

We offer specialist cleaning and maintenance services to refurbish damaged sports court facilities and bring back the best playing characteristics.

Repainting Tennis Surfaces in Astmoor

Repainting Tennis Surfaces in Astmoor

Applying a new anti slip paint coating to a tennis court can drastically improve the performance qualities, appearance and player safety on the court.

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Tennis Court Refurbishment in Astmoor

Tennis Court Contractors are specialists in the refurbishment of tennis courts and a range of sports surfaces.

We offer a reliable service and, as experienced sports surfacing contractors, we can also offer advice regarding the best surface refurbishment for your facility.

We have completed many maintenance projects including tennis court refurbishment in Astmoor WA7 1 which have taken place at schools, leisure centres, clubs and domestic sports facilities.

This work is generally carried out when an outdoor tennis surface becomes damaged and unsafe due to a lack of proactive maintenance.

As expert sports facility contractors we have completed sport surface refurbishment work to a range of surface types including macadam hard courts, polymeric rubber and synthetic grass flooring.

Specialist cleaning and maintenance helps to improve playing qualities on the sports surfacing as well as enhancing the overall appearance.


Tennis surfaces can become damaged over time if proactive maintenance such as brushing, jet washing and chemical treatments are not applied regularly. This leads to your flooring becoming waterlogged as it loses its porosity when dirt and moss get stuck in the pores. If water can’t drain away from the surface, more moss and algae will grow making the local sports court potentially dangerous and unplayable for tennis and any other sports.

Our professional nearby sport contractors’ services can help to rectify small or large scale damage and give your facility its original playing qualities back.

What is Sport Courts Refurbishment?

Sport courts refurbishment is a way of renewing a sport facility.

This may be done to a number of surfacing types including macadam, polymeric, artificial grass and more.

Different methods will be used to refurbish the surfaces depending upon the type of flooring that is installed closest to you; for example we would carry out cleaning and painting on hard-courts, whereas rejuvenation may be needed on synthetic turf in order to redistribute the infill. Sport courts refurbishment is highly recommended to keep your sports surface in the best possible condition.

If you are interested in finding out more about the refurbishing services we can carry out, please complete the contact box provided. 

Astro Turf Refurbishment

For a synthetic turf facility, these professional maintenance works could include deep cleaning within the turf pile, fixing small rips to the seams or even resurfacing the area completely.

We also offer tennis surface recolouring in Astmoor WA7 1 with a variety of design options to suit your preference.

Depending upon the level of damage and problems on the court, our specialist team will be able to offer you advice on each maintenance service and the costs involved for your project.

We work nationwide in the UK and have offered expert advice to many schools, colleges and sports clubs with regards to maintenance and cleaning of their facilities.

Find out more here - or speak to us today. 

Be sure you contact us if you have any questions about sport surfacing refurbishment or the costs for carrying out these services in your surrounding areas. One of our experts will be happy to talk through all of the options and send you some of our recent case studies.

Refurbishing Sports Courts in Astmoor

We can also offer professional court refurbishment services for macadam and polymeric rubber EPDM surfacing which has lost its porosity and has started to become waterlogged.

Reactive maintenance for these types of flooring includes pressure washing with a specialist cleaning solution and applying chemical treatments for moss and algae. Once a thorough clean has been carried out to the area and all debris, leaves and moss have been removed, a new paint coating can be applied.

It is always important to remember when refurbishing sports courts with repainting, that you should have the surfacing professionally cleaned first. This ensures that the paint sticks to the tarmac or rubber flooring smoothly and does not have any gaps or patches where the surface is dirty.

As well as these hard-court specifications, synthetic turf tennis surfacing requires regular maintenance such as drag brushing and deep cleaning.

Filling Cracks in Tennis Courts Near Me

If your tennis surfacing in Astmoor has developed fretting or cracks, our nearby installers can repair these issues using an emerald stone mixture which is applied onto the damaged area on the facility to fill in gaps and holes.

For a macadam hard surface with a small amount of fretting, a binder coat can be applied prior to anti-slip acrylic paint to bind loose stones and provide a stronger and more durable finish.

The paint we use for sport court refurbishment comes in a range of bright colours which allow you to choose a custom design for the surface. When applied, the slip-resistant colour coating provides added grip to enhance safety qualities and performance for those using the area in recreational activities and competitive matches.


If you are looking to upgrade your facility to a multi-use games area, extra line markings can be added in contrasting colours to allow the same surface to be used for other activities such as basketball and netball. This is commonly carried out at schools and sports clubs with limited outdoor space who want to make the most of an existing court.

Each surface we install have different dimensions so we are sure to create the tennis court perfect for you. 

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Please feel free to get in touch with us via our enquiry form to discuss prices and costs for refurbishing sports courts through cleaning, repairs, maintenance and repainting.

As experienced sport surfacing contractors we can offer advice regarding the best methods of tennis court refurbishment in Astmoor WA7 1 for a range of hard courts and synthetic turf surfaces to help you bring back the best playing qualities.

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