Moss and Algae Treatment in Aberdour

Moss and Algae Treatment in Aberdour

When you have your tennis court cleaned or carry out maintenance to the surface, a chemical moss and algae treatment can be applied to protect the area from contamination.

Chemical Court Treatments in Aberdour

Chemical Court Treatments in Aberdour

Keeping the tennis court free from moss, algae and weeds will help to maintain good playing qualities while keeping the court safe for players during training and competitions.

Tennis Court Weed Maintenance in Aberdour

Tennis Court Weed Maintenance in Aberdour

We can offer help and advice on looking after your tennis court surface to prevent the growth of weeds and moss from contaminating the court and affecting the playing qualities.

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Chemical Moss & Algae Treatment in Aberdour

Tennis Court Contractors are specialists in applying chemical algae and moss treatments.

We are experts in applying chemical moss & algae treatment to the surface of your courts in Aberdour KY3 0 to remove and prevent contamination.

Killing and preventing moss or algae on the surfacing is crucial in ensuring the all-weather surfaces are kept safe. The playing characteristics are maintained, e.g. algae and moss can make your tennis flooring slippy, so it is important to use moss killer to remove these from the surface to ensure the slip resistance requirements of SR 55 and TRRL 55 are maintained.

This prevention of contamination to your court is part of a solid maintenance package, and it advisable to look into the best options on how to extend the life of your surfacing and maximise performance.


If you would like to find out more information regarding chemical algae and moss treatment, a highly effective moss killer, get in touch with us today.

As specialists, we can provide you with everything you need to know about how and why it is important to kill moss and give you the details you require.

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What is a Chemical Treatment for Sports Courts?

Chemical treatment for sports courts is a moss removal process in which a specialist chemical is applied onto the surface to prevent contamination. Not only does the specialist agent kill and remove moss and other contaminants, but it also prevents them from growing back.

It is recommended to get sports courts chemically treated every year so that your facility will not become subject to contamination, which can disrupt the play of the facility. Contaminants can cause flooding of the surface and cause players to slip, resulting in an injury.

This can all be avoided with a simple annual maintenance plan. 

Tennis Court Cleaning Chemicals Near Me

Chemically treating contamination on the tennis surfacing is undertaken by many specialist contractors, including ourselves, and we cover all the United Kingdom.

We have completed many maintenance schedules for councils on their parks, MUGAs, multi-use games areas, and private courts in gardens and sports clubs closest to you. The treatment is carried out on the following surfaces to ensure that the tennis courts meet the ITF, SAPCA and LTA accreditations:

  • Hard-court macadam courts specialist weed kill
  • Acrylic painted court chemical moss, algae specialists treatments
  • Polyurethane coated court weed growth prevention
  • Polymeric surfaced court weed professional treatments.
  • Synthetic grass surfacing contamination rejuvenation treatment

All the above surfaces require regular professional specialist tennis court maintenance in Aberdour KY3 0 to ensure that contamination is prevented because this can make the flooring slippery, and keeping the all-weather court safe is paramount to the children and players using the ball courts.

Please complete our quick enquiry form if you would like us to send you some more information on chemical treatments for sport courts and the costs for these services or click here - to find out more about maintenance.

Tennis Court Weed Kill Maintenance in Aberdour

Weed kill maintenance visits are not just completed to the playing area but also the runoffs and surrounding areas. Preventing the growth of weeds coming onto the court is important in the lifespan of court expectancy.

Killing moss, weeds algae can also prevent the drainage from failing, ensuring that the system remains porous with a permeable membrane that is SuDS compliant. This also ensures that the surfacing continues to comply with the qualifications set out in the ITF, SAPCA and LTA guidelines and specifications for tennis surfacing. To find out more regarding maintenance, including colour spraying speak to us today. 

How to Apply Weed, Moss & Algae Treatment

Weeds algae and moss treatment are commonly applied to tennis courts near me by a spraying method. The courts are sprayed to prevent moss growth, algae growth and other unwanted vegetation that could inhibit surface drainage and cause tennis surfacing to become slippery, dangerous and not complying with LTA, ITF and SAPCA slip resistance regulations.

Once a chemical agent has been applied in Aberdour, we will often put down a new acrylic or polyurethane sports coating to ensure long-lasting slip resistance and playing qualities. The chemical agent can be applied to hard surfaces and other surfaces. 

This service's cost and prices usually do not burst the bank because if planned well, the treatment can be carried out when a nearby specialist sports court maintenance company does an annual survey, clean or even repainting the local surfaces.

I would always recommend getting a specialist contractor to carry out these works, and we can submit you a costing, specifications and quotes if you fill in our contact form.

Do not try to scrape the moss spores away from the affected area yourself to cut the cost. This is only a temporary fix and will actually spread the moss spores to different areas causing more damage. Our friendly team are trained moss removers that can get rid of contaminants, even stubborn moss.  

Other Maintenance We Provide

Removing moss is important for the play quality of your court, so contact us today to get rid of your unwanted moss!


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Is moss taking over your outdoor space? Do you want visible results? 

It is highly recommended to have a chemical agent applied on a regular basis. It is normally said every year for moss removal and other contaminants so that your facility will remain in the best possible condition. This will help to get better moss control. If you wish to speak to our team regarding chemical moss & algae treatment in Aberdour KY3 0 and the costs of these services, please complete our enquiry form, and we will get back to you with all the information you need to kill the moss affecting your tennis court and prevent algae growth.

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